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So, whats the difference between a regular Disco and a Silent Disco? Rather than hear the music blasted through a speaker, the music is listened through headphones. Only the people wearing headphones can hear the music (SILENT DISCO)

The kit I provide comes with the amount of headsets required, and can include up to 3 transmitters. There's also cables provided to connect the transmitters to your devices, such as smartphones/iPads/iPods/MP3's laptops etc.

The LED wireless headsets are of high quality and are capable of receiving up to 3 Channels of Music. This enables the headset wearer to channel hop by flicking a switch at the side, whilst being able to adjust the volume by a 2nd switch. The headsets light up BLUE, GREEN or RED depending on the channel selected.

The kit is a simple plug in and play system, easy to set up. Plug in the transmitters, attach them to your music device (smartphone etc) turn on the headsets and your good to go! A full set of instructions are included and I'm always available to talk you through the set up if required.

The headsets come fully charged and will allow up to 10 hours of use and have in excess of 100m range!

My kit has an up to date PAT Testing certificate and is delivered fully sanitised with social distancing in place!

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